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Circus training and Aerial Fitness classes


A challenging, fun and unique way to keep fit

Going to a normal gym to keep in shape can feel like a chore. Want to make it fun and challenging?

Whatever your strength or ability, Circus Training and Aerial Fitness will give you a totally new attitude towards your exercise routine.

New classes are springing up all the time and instructors are always encouraging, passionate and happy to help. And the best bit? We don’t charge fees or take a cut.

Develop strength and muscles you didn’t know you had

Aerial Fitness and Circus Arts will turn your gym classes on their head (literally!). You’ll be doing things you never thought possible and going through the skills and motions in no time. You’ll feel the burn too - one study found you use as many calories in an Aerial Skills routine as you would in an hour-long spinning class! And when exercise feels this fun, it’s so much more rewarding.

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Pick the class and slot that works best for you

Whichever activity you want to try or feel most in tune with - Aerial Yoga (sling), Aerial Hoop, Aerial Straps or Silks, Handstands, Trapeze, Cyr wheel or Chinese pole (and more!) - there’s a class for you.

Try them all, and discover your favourite test of strength, coordination and endurance! And with our listings covering the whole range of Circus classes in the UK, you’re sure to find a space at a venue near you.

Ready to turn your exercise routine
on its head?

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Working out never felt so good

You’re never alone in a Circus Fitness class - wherever you train, you’ll feel part of a community. Workout time becomes ‘me time’ as you mix with like-minded people in fun sessions filled with banter and self-discovery. You’ll sample activities you wouldn’t normally choose and achieve greater body strength in a creative, graceful and beautiful way - and get some cool Instagram photos out of it too!

Who have we missed?

SupaClass collects information about Aerial Fitness and Circus Skills classes in the UK, and we are adding to our listings all the time.

But we can’t spot everything. Do you know a class or venue that deserves to be listed? Or do you teach Circus discipline and want to get more people in your class? We’d love to know about it!