Aerial arts – Static Trapeze

Aerial merman

Great introduction into aerial arts

Static trapeze is a great introduction to the world of aerial arts. One of the oldest circus apparatuses it gives you a solid foundation for many other disciplines. Static trapeze features a bar suspended in the air by two ropes. Unlike in flying trapeze and dance trapeze the bar stays mainly in place.

Static trapeze is one of the most accessible disciplines in circus. By hanging the trapeze close to the ground, the aerialist can take advantage of the floor to kick up to the bar. It also offers a place to sit if you need a break. Most people are able to do a few poses on their very first day. As the students build strength and flexibility they learn increasingly impressive moves: bird’s nest, aerial mermaid, iron cross, various drops and balances putting them together into aerial dance.

Genevieve in the class

Good mix of students in the class

Genevieve been teaching trapeze for more than 30 years. She can be found at the top British circus school National Centre for Circus Arts teaching the next generation of circus performers, but everyone can do a class with Genevieve at Circus Glory, her studio in Primrose Hill. There is a great mix of students in her classes: many younger students as well as students starting trapeze in their 40s, 50s and 60s.

Circus Glory

It is great for your emotional state

For some it is a fun and social way of keeping fit, improve coordination, stamina and strengthen core and upper-body. It is also great for your emotional state. She’s been recently interviewed on BBC Radio London discussing how trapeze training benefits your mental state. She says trapeze is symbolic of things out of our reach, things that challenge you that you can’t simply do easily at first and that you need to find your way to get there. In the class students need to persist even if failed on the first attempt. After repeated practice, they get where they need which gives them an amazing confidence boost afterwards and a new outlook on approaching challenges in real life. Whatever challenge you set yourself, there’s nothing better than knowing you can do it.

Circus Glory has an offer for new students: £14.99 for the first class.
Give it a go, add some variety to your exercise regime