Good summer break? Get ready to fly into the new season…

Aerial Hoop @ Skylab

Your summer’s been great, right? Trips abroad, long lazy days, eating al fresco, lounging by the pool… and a well-deserved break from working out. Resting is great for your body and mind, but here’s how to get your fitness mojo back this September.

Jackie teaches class @ Skylab

Rest like a pro

First of all, give yourself a pat on the back for taking things easy over the summer. You’ve basically followed the training programmes of some of the top sportspeople in the world – who are packed off by their coaches to chill out on tropical islands for weeks on end.

Why? Well without getting too technical, it’s healthy for your body to rid itself totally of residual fatigue from regular training. Drawing on the principles of rest days and tapering before a big event, a long rest allows muscles to recover and see you return stronger and more focused than ever.

But that doesn’t mean it’s easy. We get it. The sun is setting on your summer of fun, and without the benefit of a world-class coach, getting back to training can be tough.

Aerial Hoop class @ Skylab

Fun vibes only

Ease the transition back to exercise by shaking up your routine and making it fun with circus classes. They’re mood-lifting, stress-busting, and a super social way to learn something new.

Without even realising it you’ll be nailing intense total-body workouts that’ll bring your fitness back in no time. What’s more, you’ll work out muscles you didn’t even know existed, fall in love with flexibility and get the core strength of a superhero.

With your tribe by your side, your motivation will skyrocket and you’ll feel safe, supported and empowered.

Aerial Silks class @ Skylab
Jackie Lee performs on Aerial Hoop @ Skylab

New season – new classes

There’s nothing like that new-term, fresh-start feeling – and studios are all over it too. There are so many exciting new circus classes, courses and tasters on offer, so sharpen your pencils and start planning your schedule.

Aerial hoop? Contortion? Handstands? Trapeze? Aerial silks? Take a look at what’s on offer and get inspired. But will it be a drop-in class or a weekly course? Astra, the owner of Skylab Studio in Camden, tells us there are pros and cons to both. Drop-in classes work for busy lives and unpredictable work schedules, but a course is often well worth the commitment.

She enthuses, “Being part of a cohort helps you make faster, more consistent progress and you can try out tricks and techniques with people at your own level. The sense of community spurs you on to show up, push yourself and have fun! It’s usually more cost effective too.”

Make it happen

Are you ready to banish those post-holiday blues before they even begin? Check out all the incredible classes and courses coming up in the new term and bag your spot before it’s gone.