Handstands - Open level

Handstands - Open level (1h 30m)

Aerial Edge

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Suitable for absolute beginners, as well as more experienced handstanders. Overcome your fear, discover your inner child and learn handstands in a way that makes sense to you. This class incorporates conditioning and handstand techniques to improve body awareness and balance.


In this class, each student will get a chance to work at their own level – whether you’re just starting out and terrified of going upside down, or you’re already confidently holding a handstand. You’ll work on fun variations at all levels with some useful drills and conditioning to match.


What to bring: A face mask and comfortable, stretchy clothing and socks. Bring layers as it can get cold in Kelvin Hall.


Block booking: £12.50 per class when you buy a block of 8

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Handstands – Open level