One Arm Handstands with Tamzen Online

One Arm Handstands with Tamzen (1h)

Aerial Edge

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This is an introduction to one arm handstands Prerequisites: suitable if you have a good 30 second two arm handstand in straight, tuck and straddle positions or are just beginning your one arm training. We will work on drills and exercises to build strength and alignment for one arms handstands using the wall and free-standing. During the class, I will give variations to suit peoples ability and feedback on alignment and technique to improve your balance. Objectives: - To give you a route to one arms, learning the technique to progress into holding one arm handstands - Information to continue working on them outside of class. - Improve transfers onto fingertips with good technique against a wall and progress to free standing. Tamzen is a professional circus performer and dancer, she started her career as a gymnast competing at an International level, followed by a BA Hons degree at London Contemporary Dance School before moving into circus.