Silks - Beginners


Silks - Beginners

Aerial Edge

30 NovemberWednesday

8:30 PM10:00 PM

Time: GMT (London)
Ibrox, Glasgow

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Learn to master the fabrics and create beautiful images in this elegant art form while building strength and stamina. Our aerial classes start with a warm up, conditioning on the floor and on the equipment and then onto learning moves/ transitions followed by a stretch at the end. This class is suitable for people who haven’t tried silks or are still mastering climbing and trying to improve on basic techniques such as Foot Lock, Hip Lock, Inversion (Catchers) and descents. Once you can demonstrate these core techniques, we’ll learn more tricks from these positions and link them together to create routines. Discounts - block booking: block of 4 classes - £80 block of 8 classes - £125
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