Aerial Silks - Beginners

Aerial Silks - Beginners (1h)

Aerial Life
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Hammersmith, London

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Aerial Silks (Tissu) is one of the most graceful, elegant and breathtaking circus art disciplines. Silks are made of two long pieces of fabrics which are linked together at the top, hanging from the ceiling, and unconnected with each other. In the class you will learn different aerial sequences and combinations, which include climbs, wraps, pirouettes and drops. Your forearms, biceps, triceps, shoulders and lats will work very intensive. Through these classes your body will become more flexible, stronger, you will get more energy for your daily routine. Aerial Silks is a very exciting sport and an exquisite form of dance! Block booking: 4 weekly classes (valid 4 weeks, no cancellations) - £84