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Active stretch & Mobility

Aerial Edge

8 JulyWednesday

7:15 PM8:15 PM


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This class is taught by Rebecca, she is a highly skilled aerial artist, coming from a professional dance background, with over 10 years experience coaching all ages in the air and on the floor.


Active stretch & Mobility class includes: small cardio warm up, then into stretch using strength exercises and movement to increase our range.


All of our classes are paid for by your donations, we are using this scheme to support independent artists and teachers during this time as they have had all other work cancelled. Please do attend the classes even if you cannot afford to donate right now, we know it’s hard right now for everyone. However if you can afford to donate more than the minimum, know you are helping keep artists fed and working.


100% of the weekly funds are divided between the teachers. We are recommending a minimum of £5/class or £25/week, more if you can afford it.

Active stretch & Mobility