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Circus Fitness (1h)

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Circus fitness is a unique and fun way to get fit and strong, develop coordination and make friends. Each class offers a mixture of cardio and strength training on different circus equipment to progress your fitness- fast!
No two classes are the same as our instructors keep things fresh by using a variety of equipment. You could be doing sit ups and chin ups using a trapeze bar, rope climbs to the top of our aerial rig, leg lifts while hanging from the silks and a total ab workout using hula hoops! In addition to our aerial fitness section, you’ll also find lots of fun and challenges in the ground based section of the class. If you’re not holding plank or doing burpees, you’ll be practicing handstands, acrobatics or juggling- great for coordination! Circus Fitness is are suitable for any level of ability and we recommend Circus Fitness for anyone looking to build the strength necessary for all circus disciplines.

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Circus Fitness