Francis Fit - Condition and Stretch Online

Francis Fit - Condition and Stretch (1h)

Aircraft Circus
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* Donations supported class
100% of the funds go to support the teachers and artists during this time as they have had all other work cancelled. Please do attend the class even if you cannot afford to donate right now, we know it’s hard for everyone

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Join us for an hour long session providing a whole body workout! The session begins with aerobics, moves into full body conditioning, and finishes with a full body stretch. The perfect way to keep your body circus fit! This one of a kind warm up is a follow along session, with the entire hour choreographed to an incredible playlist - helping you stay motivated throughout. There is 20 years of knowledge packed into this warm up, it’s one you don’t want to miss! Classes are run on zoom - Meeting ID: 812 313 1867, Password: AirCraft