Chinese Pole - Improvers / Intermediate

Chinese Pole - Improvers / Intermediate (1h 30m)

Aircraft Circus

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Greenwich, London

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Flipping, climbing & sliding with elements of aerial, dance and free-running.


Chinese poles are vertical poles of aluminum on which circus performers climb, slide down and hold poses. These poles are generally between 3 and 9 metres in height and approximately 3 to 4 inches in diameter.


Appropriate clothing and footwear must be worn for Chinese Pole. Students are advised to wear long johns or leggings under old jeans with a belt. If you are trying the class for the first time we recommend that you wear plimsoles, soft flexible trainers or Feiyues (it is a good idea to find some shoes a size smaller than you would normally wear). If you would like to continue training in Chinese Pole, we would strongly recommend that you purchase professional Chinese Pole footwear such as Tabi boots, which can be purchased online (ebay is a great source).

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Chinese Pole – Improvers / Intermediate