Flying Trapeze


Flying Trapeze

Aircraft Circus

22 Oct - 10 DecThursday

6:30 PM8:30 PM

Course: 8 weeks
Greenwich, London

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If you would like the ultimate exhilarating experience then learning to fly through the air is definitely a great starting place….
Flying Trapeze is the classic circus art – beautiful, inspirational and frequently breathtaking. It’s all about taking a risk, being in the moment and acting on instinct. Take classes with us at AirCraft Circus Academy and you’ll learn to build strength, stamina, grace and flexibility.
At Aircraft Circus Academy, we fly on a small flying rig with a fixed cradle for the catcher. It is slightly faster than the big rig which makes it all the more fun!
We offer 3 drop in sessions per student per course cycle for flying trapeze (subject to availability), when booking drop in sessions please note the dates attending in the special instructions box at checkout.

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Flying Trapeze