Aerial Sling - Intermediate 2 Started

Aerial Sling - Intermediate 2

Aloft Circus Arts
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1h 30m, 5-weeks course

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Round these parts we like to call it the "squishy trapeze". If trapeze is too painful and silks are too much on your upper body, you might want to check out a sling class! While in our upper level sling classes we get pretty nitty gritty with the tough stuff, our beginner level is one of the most accessible aerial classes that we offer. Start here to get your confidence up for silks or trapeze--its like the had a baby! PREREQUISITES Static warm up materials - everything from intermediate 1 plus slide back to ankle hang from sitting, rock and roll pop to back balance, meat hook drills. Dynamic warm up materials - everything from intermediate 1. Drops - plinko (off the back/forward salto), crunch wrap (off the back/infinite forward roll/reverse roll to front balance). Other - strong enough strike to stop in straddle. *instructor permission required before moving into this level, drop ins/visiting students may be approved on a case by case basis.