Straps - All levels

Straps - All levels (1h 15m)

Flying Fantastic

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Peckham, London

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Aerial Straps require not only a great amount of strength, but also unwavering determination. The moves executed on the Aerial Straps are very much similar to those of gymnastic rings, with the straps wrapping firmly around your wrists to test your strength and precision. It is a demanding discipline, and we advise that you have some former experience or training with your own body weight before giving this a go. Expect slow but extremely rewarding progressions as you focus on firing on specific muscle groups at exact moments to perform switches and holds. Block bookings / Promo discounts: x3 classes (1 month expiry) - £45 (one off promotion) x5 classes - Valid 7 weeks from purchase - £65 (Peckham Offer) x5 Aerial Sessions (1 month expiry) - £100 x5 Aerial Sessions (3 months expiry) - £115 x10 Aerial sessions (3 months expiry) - £200