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Aerial Yoga

Flying Fantastic

4 Sep - 25 SepFriday

12:45 PM1:30 PM

Course: 4 weeks
Southwark, London

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Aerial Yoga draws from the alignment and techniques of yoga, using a low hanging, wide Aerial Sling to aid in moving through traditional yoga postures. By supporting your body weight on the Aerial Sling, it helps to access these postures and deep stretches in a more relaxed way.


One of the primary features of using a Yoga Hammock is its ability to decompress the spine and mitigate joint stress as you practice stretches and positions with the support of the sling. The ‘weightless’ aspect of these classes assist in allowing you to access a wider range of movement, moving through poses that would otherwise be restricted. This class is appropriate for aerialists and yoga practitioners of all levels.

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Aerial Yoga