Handstands 2 Started


Handstands 2

National Centre for Circus Arts
Monday, 4 Sep - 4 Dec
7:45 PM
1h 30m, 13-weeks course
Old Street, London

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Learning Handstands is central to all circus training. Helping build your core and upper body strength, this Handstand course will help you gain confidence in inversions and is a transferable skill to other acrobatic disciplines. Build on the basics learnt in Level 1, and start putting your technical skills into practice. You will further develop your fitness, body awareness and control, as well as your technique in order to enable you to link moves together, and work towards creating short sequences and routines. This course is suitable for you if you have successfully completed Level 1 and been signed off by your teacher, or have been signed off via an Acrobatic Assessment.