Pop HIIT (Pull up bar) Online


Pop HIIT (Pull up bar)

Skylab Studio

8 JulyWednesday

6:00 PM6:45 PM


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Similar to Pop Fit but using a pull up bar (and not a hammock). We will alternate between floor core and hanging exercises. No experience is necessary and modifications will be given to suit your level where possible.


To get the full benefit of this class an installed pull up bar is required, along with stretchy pull up bar bands if you so wish (for the pull up set).


If you don’t have a pull up bar no worries you can repeat the floor core during the hanging exercises, or do one of our other classes instead.


How to join:

  1. Book your space in the class (Message button)
  2. 1hr before the class you’ll receive the Zoom link via email
  3. Open Zoom link 15 mins before class starts
  4. Set up your practice with your device in front of your mat

Pop HIIT (Pull up bar)