Contortion @ Forgotten Circus

Flexibility & Contortion classes

Mindful. Mesmerising. Moving.

Explore the possibilities of your incredible body. Own it. Stretch it. Bend it. Break free from the restrictions of static modern life and reset your own natural range of motion to move in the way that nature intended. This is what freedom feels like. Let your body show you how far you can go as you become more and more flexible, open and in tune. Release. Relax. Repeat.

Why you’ll love it

  • Stay young and flexible – some contortionists perform into their 50s and 60s
  • Explore the possibilities of the human body
  • Enhances your other passions (like yoga, aerial, dance and martial arts)
  • Not just for the super-bendy – everyone benefits from feeling more flexible
  • Learn to listen to your body and recognise good vs bad pain

What to expect

Don’t be put off by the word contortion – you’re not going to be doing the Marinelli bend in your first session (unless you’re a pro already). It’s ideal for anyone who wants to loosen up their body, athletes who want to boost their performance, or of course, contortionists who want to learn more tricks.

If you’re simply looking for better mobility and flexibility you’ll expand your range of motion through practising splits, bridges and opening up your shoulders and hip flexors. More advanced students will work on their oversplits, walkovers, chest stands, scorpions and other contortion moves in a safe and supportive environment.

An unexpected benefit? Contortion is said to help you live longer – it’s like an MOT for your body, allowing you to notice how it feels and keep it moving as it should.

Benefits to your body

What do you dream of? Whether it’s feeling less stiff and more youthful, touching your toes, doing a bridge or perfecting a triple fold, this is the way to get there. You are going to get bendier, looser, longer, leaner. And it’ll feel fantastic.

You’ll learn how to listen to your body, distinguish between good and bad pain, and strengthen and relax different muscles. Becoming more flexible could help you achieve splits in your aerial silks class, high kicks in martial arts or certain inversions in yoga. You can also use many of the poses in your relaxation and mindfulness practice.

What to wear

Think of your body like a ball of playdoh – it needs to be nice and warm to get super stretchy and pliable. Wearing layers all over (like socks, legwarmers, leggings, t-shirt and hoodie) will give you that initial warmth while you stretch. Simply peel them off if you get too warm as the class goes on.

Drop-In Classes