Flying trapeze @ Aircraft Circus

Flying trapeze classes

Flight. Freedom. Fun.

You’re on a small platform high above the world, toes touching the edge. It’s time. You take the trapeze in both hands and leap into the unknown. You’re flying! Free as a bird you swing through the air on an adrenaline high. Riding the rush you swing upside down from your knees, then take it back to your hands before backflipping down to earth. What. A. Feeling.

Why you’ll love it

  • Get the feeling of flying – it’s addictive
  • Be in the moment and act on instinct
  • Conquer your fears and surprise yourself
  • Build your strength, stamina and flexibility
  • Pretend you’re in The Greatest Showman

What to expect

Flying trapeze is the ultimate circus discipline – it’s breathtaking, beautiful, inspirational… and undeniably a little scary at first. But when you overcome your fears and get that flying feeling, you’ll be hooked.

You’ll start with stretches, warm ups and practising moves on a low bar before a briefing on safety and instructions (‘hup’ means jump). Once you get on the flying trapeze you’ll surprise yourself by how much you can do with a little momentum and basic instinct.

Benefits to your body

The first thing with flying trapeze is that feeling. That feeling that you just can’t get anywhere else and will give you the buzz of your life. Leave stress and worry on the ground and feel free and in the moment.

And where the mind leads, the body follows. Without even noticing, you’ll become stronger, fitter and more flexible. You’ll develop abs of steel, and an incredible upper body that will get you flying, flipping and flexing in the air with grace and panache.

What to wear

You can’t beat a glittery, showstopping leotard flying through the air. But perhaps for your first time, wear something tight-fitting that won’t get in the way – but flexible enough to move in.

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