Acrobalance - Beginners

Acrobalance - Beginners (1h 30m)

Aerial Edge

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Acrobalance involves working with a partner to learn a mixture of static balances, such as standing on shoulders; and dynamic moves, including rock & roll tricks.
Combining strength, balance, flexibility and trust, acrobalance is a brilliant way to maintain fitness; and is also very sociable! This class involves a warm-up, some partnered-conditioning, and learning new skills, followed with a cool-down. Come on your own, or bring a partner- you’ll meet new people and learn skills you never thought possible.
In this hour long class, you will work with a partner to learn basic static and dynamic moves, and begin to work them into sequences. You can try both basing and flying to see what works best for you, improving your strength, flexibility and body tension.
Due the nature of this class, in some circumstances it may not be possible to run this class with one student – so bring your friends!
Block booking: £12.50 per class when you buy a block of 8

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Acrobalance – Beginners