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Aerial yoga classes

Blissful. Freeing. Fun.

The world is upside down, yet things have never felt so clear. You’re balanced in a headstand for the very first time, supported by a sling hanging from the ceiling that wraps around your pelvis, legs and feet. You feel light, free and in tune.

Why you’ll love it

  • Try new tricks for the thrill of it
  • Nail your inversions with the support of the sling
  • Go deeper and longer into stretches
  • Intensify your core and cardio workout
  • Savasana swaying in a sling is pure bliss

What to expect

This is the lovechild of yoga and aerial silks – it’s gorgeous, fun and makes you feel incredible, whether you’re an accomplished yogi, aerial expert or total beginner.

Descending from the ceiling are silky slings or hammocks that support your whole body weight. You’ll twist and shape the sling to support you within traditional yoga poses – opening your hips, shoulders and hamstrings to help you stretch deeper for longer.

The weightless feeling allows you to enhance your practice with positions you never thought possible and get playful with aerial poses and tricks.

Benefits to your body

Imagine all the benefits of yoga and then intensify them. Taking your yoga routine into the air removes your stability, so you’ll start to switch on your core without even noticing. As you go deeper into positions and try new ones you’ll boost your flexibility, strength and all-round fitness. Emotionally – expect to smile, surprise yourself and feel truly zen as you zone out cocooned in a sling.

What to wear

You can throw on your standard yoga gear but avoid anything baggy – that way you won’t get an unwanted top-over-head scenario when you go upside down.

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