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Aerial straps classes

Strength. Agility. Performance.

All eyes are on you. You’re on fire, tensing everything, holding your crucifix pose with the straps firmly wrapped around your wrists. This is what you came for. Hold, hold, hold and then release, flip and fly down to the floor. Aerial straps are a seriously demanding discipline, but determination pays off. And it feels incredible.

Why you’ll love it

  • Probably THE fastest way to upper body buffness
  • Challenge yourself mentally as well as physically
  • All the benefits of Crossfit but with a better view
  • Combine floor work, dance and straps in stunning routines
  • Get used to dropping terms like ‘meathook’ in everyday chat

What to expect

This is the most stripped back of the aerial arts. The straps (two suspended cotton or nylon ribbons with loops at the ends to hold onto) are simple and understated – the idea being that the movement of your body is the focus.

And move it will. Using the straps you’ll hold poses, wrap, roll, twist and swing across the space. Ever wanted to fly like superman, rolling or pushing up in mid air? There’s a move for that. And you’re going to get superhero buff too. Aerial straps is probably THE fastest way to build upper body strength as you learn to roll all the way up to the ceiling and master twists and holds like meathook and skin-the-cat.

Once you’ve got the moves, show them off. Combine your tricks and poses with floor-based dance moves, partner acrobatics and raising and lowering the straps.

Benefits to your body

You’ve probably seen the kind of instafit body you can expect from getting into CrossFit or calisthenics. And if that’s up your street then you’re going to love the effects of aerial straps.

You’ll need to have a good level of core and upper body strength before you take on the straps, and ideally some aerial experience too. But however strong you are right now, the straps will take it to the next level. You can expect an iron core, plus serious strength and flexibility all over as your other muscle groups switch on as you move.

What to wear

You want to be able to move freely up there on the straps, so wear something that’s stretchy and fitted enough not to float about. You’ll mainly be gripping with your hands and arms so long sleeves will help avoid friction burns.

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