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Adult Gymnastics | Tumbling classes

Fun. Uplifting. Exhilarating.

You’re bouncing down the mat: backflipping once, twice, three times, then you twist and take it back the other way. It’s fast, it’s furious, but you’re totally in control. You land it perfectly and it’s all over. You’ve smashed it.

Why you’ll love it

  • One of the most fun ways to keep fit
  • Get an incredible adrenalin rush
  • The best bits of gymnastics all rolled into one
  • Learn impressive tricks and flips
  • Grow your confidence and conquer fears

What to expect

Tumbling takes all the flips, twists and somersaults of gymnastics and puts them together. That means learning all the individual moves and then linking them in a routine, one after the other. You’ll quite literally tumble down the runway.

If you’ve always wanted to try out gymnastics but that niggling voice told you it’s too scary or you’re not brave enough, now’s the time to silence the fears. The truth is when practiced in a non-competitive environment, at a well-equipped studio with professional coaches, adult gymnastics is generally considered to be quite safe.

Let's not forget the foam pit! Dive into that and the fun will instantly outweigh the fear. So come and make like your favourite gymnasts and circus stars (or your own inner kid) and get involved – whether you’re an experienced gymnast or total newbie.

Benefits to your body

Tumbling is going to get you crazy strong (gymnasts are the strongest Olympians pound for pound), improve your coordination and help you bend, stretch and balance better than you ever thought possible. And all that cardio from running and flipping down the runway will give your overall fitness a huge boost.

It’s also a massive fun injection into your life – bringing back your inner kid who just wants to run, jump, flip and generally bounce around all day. Wave hello to that fearless kid because they’re making a comeback. You’ll be happier, healthier and you’re going to make fun new friends like a magnet.

What to wear

You’ll see most people wearing shorts and t-shirts for tumbling but tracksuits and leotards are fine too.

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