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Aerial silks classes

Beautiful. Creative. Free.

Imagine yourself suspended in the air by two long lengths of coloured fabric hanging from the ceiling. Climb them, wrap yourself in them, pose, stretch, swing, spin and tumble down as you surprise yourself with your strength, flexibility and creativity. It’s like a gravity-defying dance in the sky flowing with elegance, freedom and power.

Why you’ll love it

  • Sense of freedom in body and mind
  • Boosts full-body strength and flexibility from day one
  • Great introduction to aerial workouts
  • Be creative and put aerial dance routines to music
  • Get stunning insta-worthy pictures of your poses

What to expect

You can join an aerial silks class as a complete beginner, an aerial yoga practitioner, or an aspiring circus artist – your instructor will help you progress from where you are.

Beginners start with foundation skills (like getting the grip right), finding your way around the equipment and learning some safety tips. You’ll start working close to the ground with the basic moves – like footlocks, French climbs, figureheads and candy canes. These will be your building blocks for more complex moves in the future.

The more adventurous silks aerialist will progress to gravity-defying poses, upside down tumbles, spins and drops from a height.

Benefits to your body

You’ll get a sensational full-body workout on the silks as your body moves in a way that a gym session simply can’t provide. It’s almost like aerial dancing.

Every climb and hold fires up your core, working in harmony with your shoulders, upper body muscles and a super-strong grip. Feel your flexibility soar as you stretch, strengthen and lengthen leg muscles you didn’t even know you had. Experience the sensation of tension evaporating from your lower back, hamstrings and calves.

After a silks session you’ll feel tight, strong and free. You will ache… and it’ll feel amazing.

What to wear

Avoid baggy clothes – they’ll get in the way and flash more flesh than you planned! Instead wear something fitted like running tights or leggings with a leotard or tucked-in T-shirt. Go barefoot but cover up the backs of your knees, stomach, lower back and armpits to avoid friction burns or scrapes in certain moves.

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