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Acrobalance @ Aerial Edge

Acrobalance aka acro yoga classes

Playful. Creative. Fun

You feel happy and you know it. This is your playtime, your time to fly and forget the real world outside. One minute you’re floating elegantly above your partner in a front angel, totally in tune with each other. The next you’re laughing in a heap when the routine goes belly up. This is what fun, friendship and focus looks like. Together you’re stronger.

Why you’ll love it

  • It’s fun and playful – the antidote to adulting
  • Trust, connect and communicate with others
  • Amazing for balance, tone, strength and fitness
  • Get the feeling of flying
  • Be creative with routines set to music
  • Work out without realising you’re working out

What to expect

Did you ever do a ‘superman’ with your siblings back in the day? Acrobalance aka as partner acrobatics or acro yoga is the grown up version. Come with your friends or meet new ones and get ready to mess around, have a laugh and just PLAY.

Once you get down on the floor, you’ll either be the base or the flyer. You can probably guess who does what – but the base stands or lies down and lifts, moves and supports the flyer in static or dynamic poses. You’ll try out partner stretches (these feel goooood), assisted inversions (going upside down is easier with a little help) and counterbalance tricks to show off your skills.

So where will you and your partner begin? There are so many possibilities – from simple static poses to whole sequences and shows – so it’s fun for everyone whatever your level. You’ll love the sense of community that comes from working so closely with others and you’ll have each other’s backs (quite literally) from day one.

Benefits to your body

Do you know just how good it feels to play? To get back that childlike feeling of messing around with friends, having fun and seeing where the journey takes you. You’ll feel free, totally in the moment and get an overwhelming feeling of wellness as your happy endorphins flow.

It couldn’t get further from doing the same routine again and again in a gym. But by the way… you’re still working out. This beautiful blend of yoga, acrobatics, a trust exercise and hanging out with your mates is way better than propping up the bar. Every lift, balance and hold demands strength and flexibility from both the base and the flyer. So you can expect to get stronger, bendier and more defined. All without even realising it.

What to wear

Any yoga or aerial gear will work well but ditch anything too baggy that could get in the way of your poses or transitions.

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