Flexibility (1h 30m)

Aerial Edge
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1h 30m
Ibrox, Glasgow

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Now part of our Circus Fitness category of classes, Flexibility will complement your strength training by stretching out stiff muscles and other and problem areas as we work on preventative measures against future injury. Flexibility is an essential class for every circus student you will work to improve your posture and lines as we work on specific areas which will benefit your circus training such as splits, straddle, backbends and point flexibility. Led by National Centre Graduate Adam Wright, this class will use various techniques including partner, static and PNF stretching styles as Adam put his other non - circus related degree (Anatomy!) to good use. So whether you want to open your shoulders to improve your handstand technique or you want to finally get your splits, Flexibility is the class for you! Discounts - block booking: block of 4 classes - £70 block of 8 classes - £100