Performer Flying and Stunt Wirework Started

Performer Flying and Stunt Wirework

Aircraft Circus
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6h, 1-day course
Greenwich, London

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Whether you want to learn to fly like Peter Pan or flip like Spiderman, this is the course for you. Jammed packed with with fun and exciting aerial effects, somersault techniques and stunt falls, you will leave the course exhilarated...... and maybe a little exhausted too! AirCraft Circus Academy, London's oldest and leading independent circus school, has been equipping & rigging circus schools, theatre shows, film & video shoots, and circus shows for nearly 2 decades. As experts in this arcane field, our expertise is in "old school", low-tech performer/stunt flying techniques, using ropes, pulleys, and muscle power. Suitable for ages 16yrs+. Beginners welcome. The course takes place in AirCraft Circus Academy's purpose-built circus school, and is delivered by AirCraft Circus Academy Directors, and experts in performer flying and rigging, Lucy Francis and Nik Litton. Lucy Francis has been performing aerial harness, bungee, pendulum coat hangar and controlled rate falls for over 20 years. She performed in the aerial spectacular Millennium Dome Central Show, the London 2012 Opening Ceremony, Descended down The Mittal Orbit, and most recently fell from the trapeze in Secret Cinema's Moulin Rouge. Nik Litton has been rigging and flying performers for over 20 years. He has flown performers in multiple theatre shows including Raymond Gubbays's Tosca at the Royal Albert Hall, Simon Beaufoy's The Full Monty Tour, Timon of Athens at The Globe Theatre, and the London 2012 Closing Ceremony; he also flew performers off The Mittal Orbit for the Opening of Queen Victoria's Olympic Park. Course Content: Introduction to harness work, static coat hanger somersault technique, dynamic bungee somersault technique, Pendulum Coathangar, 2D track wirework, Jerk Vest with fight choreography, and CRD falls.