Straps Started


Aircraft Circus
No dates scheduled yet
1h 30m, 6-weeks course
Greenwich, London

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Straps, also known as Aerial Straps, are a type of aerial apparatus on which various feats of strength and flexibility may be performed, often in the context of a circus performance. The skills and performance have parallels to gymnastic rings. The straps are made from sturdy nylon/cotton fabric that looks like two suspended ribbons, with handhold loops at the ends. You will be learning held poses and postures done on the straps, as well as flips and turns. Once mastered, these can be combined in routines with dance moves performed on the floor away from the straps, with partner acrobatics, or even with the straps raised and lowered for a breathtaking display. *CONCESSION DISCOUNT of 10% is available for NUS, JSA, OPA, Military ID, Emergency Services (Fire, Police, NHS) Greenwich One Card and South London Club.