Rope / Corde Lisse


Rope / Corde Lisse

Flying Fantastic

15 DecemberWednesday

11:30 AM12:45 PM

Southwark, London

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Corde Lisse is French for ‘Smooth Rope’. A single 35mm-wide soft cotton rope suspends from a single point on the ceiling to provide an endless combination of beats, pirouettes, drops, wraps and figures for an expressive range of movement.
Whilst presenting its own unique set of challenges, this discipline is closely related to both Aerial Silks and Spanish Web, requiring good upper body strength, skill and dedication to master.
Block booking:
£100 for 4 classes – £25 per class valid for 8 weeks
£185 for 8 classes – £23 per class valid for 8 weeks
New Customer Offer:
£55 for 3 classes – valid for 1 month

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Rope / Corde Lisse