Aerial Sling - All Levels

Aerial Sling - All Levels (1h)

Leeds Aerial Arts
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Aerial Slings are large hammocks of fabric which hang from the ceiling allowing you to make shapes, wraps, and perform tricks in the air! Traditionally used for Aerial Yoga the sling offers support and rest positions (comparable to a hoop or trapeze), whilst allowing you to use the fabric similarly to the aerial silks, which can be much trickier. The sling is a great tool in getting started on the aerial fabric, and is a great training aid for those of you already working on the silks, as it offers excellent support whilst you concentrate on getting your arms and legs in the right place, and looking fabulous! This class will teach you the various methods for mounting and inverting on the sling, and create beautiful wraps and shapes in the fabric. if you are new to the air the sling has been described as the most comfy of the equipment! An ideal place to get started. For experienced aerialists, the challenge lies in keeping a constant flow through transitions, especially whilst spinning, which looks and feels amazing once mastered! Places limited to 12 participants. Block booking discounts | Class pass *: £13.33 per class when you buy a class pass for 6 £12.50 per class when you buy a class pass for 10 * Valid for 12 months