Aerial Yoga - All Abilities

Aerial Yoga - All Abilities (1h)

Leeds Aerial Arts
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The perfect balance between Aerial and Yoga... Yoga trapeze is a unique blend of traditional yoga postures and principles combined with aerial arts and TRX strength functions. Whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced yogi, we work on a three tier system to offer progressions for students of all levels. Whether you want to push your strength, challenge your flexibility, or simply gently flow and focus in on your breath this class is for you. The hammock it is supportive by it’s structure yet creative and challenging! Strength is built, flexibility increased, tension released and beautiful shapes are made within this unique class, leaving you with an engaged yet open body and a calm mind. This lunchtime class will include strengthening exercises, transitions through postures and inversions on the equipment and a restorative savanasa to finish.