The Circus House

"A team of teachers, technical staff, volunteers, friends, members and visitors make The Circus House an inspiring organisation of dedicated and caring individuals who put on a great show and brighten the streets and stages of Manchester and beyond.” — Ben & Gisèle (Student and Parent) Our Values Inclusive. Everyone is welcome at The Circus House. Beginners, professionals and everyone in between. We welcome all communities of Greater Manchester and extend our welcome to the international circus community. Accessible. We try our best to make our training facilities available and affordable to as many people as possible. Some of the ways we do this are by running taster sessions, or holiday workshops. Community. The Circus House is run solely for the benefit of the people that use it. All of our profits go back into the company to provide new equipment and better facilities so we can continue to offer more to the people that use our services.

Drop-In Classes